Signs of Pregnancy
If you recently had unprotected sex or think your method of birth control might have failed, you may be concerned about an unplanned pregnancy. A missed period, mood swings, and food cravings can all be signs of pregnancy. Or they can be signs of high stress in your life, a recent change in diet or exercise, or other hormonal changes.


Here are six early signs of pregnancy to look out for if you aren’t able to take a pregnancy test yet. If you’re experiencing any or all of these, it’s worth scheduling a free pregnancy testing appointment to learn more. Contact us to schedule yours today!


Early signs of pregnancy


Late or missed period

A missed period is the most common early sign of pregnancy. It can be especially telling if your cycle is usually very regular. It’s important to pay attention to your body if your period is late or if you missed it altogether. It’s also important not to jump to conclusions until you’re able to take a pregnancy test since your period can be late for other reasons as well.


Tender or swollen breasts

Tender breasts are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It’s common to experience changes to your breasts starting the first couple of weeks after conception as your body produces more hormones, and prepares for all the changes ahead caused by pregnancy. 


Food aversions or cravings

A sudden craving for foods you’ve never craved before, or an aversion to foods you’ve always loved, can both be early signs of pregnancy. These cravings and aversions can change throughout your pregnancy, and they’re a result of new hormones produced by your body during pregnancy. 


Morning sickness

Morning sickness is also an early sign of pregnancy that can last throughout your pregnancy. This nausea is caused by your stomach emptying more slowly when you’re pregnant. Every pregnancy is different, but the morning sickness can begin as early as two weeks into pregnancy and end after the first trimester or stay throughout the whole pregnancy. 


Mood swings

Mood swings can be very disorienting if you typically experience very stable emotions, with real ups and downs. Pregnancy hormones can make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride of unexpected, unexplainable highs and lows. This is normal in a new pregnancy, and when experienced in conjunction with other pregnancy symptoms, it can be a good sign you may be pregnant.



High progesterone, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and increased blood production can all combine to make you feel exhausted. Pregnancy causes all these changes. So if you are getting the same amount of sleep or more than you usually do and the exhaustion doesn’t go away, a pregnancy may be why. 


Any of these signs on their own aren’t enough to honestly know if you’re pregnant. Some women don’t have any pregnancy symptoms early on. The only real way to tell if you’re pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.


Why you should take a pregnancy test

A pregnancy test is accurate because it detects hCG in your blood, a hormone created by your body typically only when you’re pregnant. In rare cases, hCG can be present in your blood for other medical reasons, but that’s very uncommon. Our lab-quality pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, and to confirm a positive pregnancy test, we offer free ultrasounds to provide more information about your pregnancy. 


If you think you’re pregnant and want to know for sure, please contact us today to schedule a free and confidential appointment. We’ll provide the testing you need and answer any questions you have about pregnancy and your next steps. 


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