This woman is considering ordering the abortion pill online.

Are you scared, confused, and unsure about the next step to take with your unplanned pregnancy? Take a deep breath and know that you are going to get through this. You are not alone. “Take a pill and everything will be alright.” This thought may be racing through your mind. Surprisingly, taking the abortion pill is more complicated and riskier than you may think. 

Specifically, ordering the abortion pill online comes with major warnings from medical professionals and is something we do not suggest. There are laws in Michigan that could eliminate this option for you as well.

First, What is the abortion pill?

There are two types of abortion pills used in what is called a medication abortion to end a pregnancy. Medication abortion is approved for only up to 10 weeks of gestational age.

The first pill taken is called Mifepristone, which blocks the progesterone hormone. This causes the uterus to thin and prevents the embryo from remaining implanted and growing. The second pill in a medication abortion is Misoprostol, which causes the uterus to contract and expel through the vagina.

The first abortion pill is taken at a doctor’s office and the second pill at home, within 24-48 hours. A follow-up appointment with a doctor is recommended a week later to ensure the abortion is complete (FDA).

Michigan Abortion Requirements to Know:

  • The abortion pills, under Michigan federal law, must be prescribed and always given by a qualified doctor. 
  • Michigan law requires women to sign consent forms 24 hours before receiving an abortion of any kind.
  • Michigan requires you to get at least one of your parents’ permission for an abortion. (You may be able to get permission from a judge)

Against FDA Regulations

The FDA has abortion pill regulations for a reason. They are to protect your health and wellbeing. The FDA warns buying these drugs over the internet bypasses the safeguards created to protect your health. If you buy the abortion pill online in Michigan, the chemicals in the drugs may not be verified. Potential side effects and risks are not listed on them either. Some of the side effects could be deadly.

Could Be Less Effective

Most of the time, online abortion pills are not FDA approved, which means the dosage could be less effective than the standard abortion pill. This could even cause an incomplete abortion. Women should never attempt a medication abortion if they are more than ten weeks pregnant. If your online abortion pills come late, taking them could pose a serious health threat.

No Medical Protection

Purchasing the abortion pill online in Michigan does allow a doctor to oversee things or provide medical protection. Due to the alarming side effects, the abortion pill should only be prescribed by a qualified doctor. The risks of the abortion pill include nausea, bleeding, or an incomplete abortion. If something were to go wrong at home, the delay in receiving help could be costly.

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